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My Mom Resents Me Because I'm Ugly.

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My Mom Resents Me Because I'm Ugly.
My Mom Resents Me Because I'm Ugly. What Should I Do With My Life? 我妈嫌我丑,我该怎么办? I have zero self esteem because of this and I look at pretty girls and think why I wasn't born beautiful. My whole life she has told me I'm ugly and that she wished she had a beautiful child, I never had a dad around to tell me otherwise. She would tell me he left because he didn't want me. 就因为这个,我完全没有自信心。我常常看着漂亮的女孩子,然后想为什么我就没有生得漂亮呢?我活这么久,我妈一直都说我很丑,说她希望自己能有个好看的孩子。我并没有父亲,所以也不能从父亲那得到不同的答案。如果问我妈,她会说我爸不要我所以走了。 I'd rather have a beautiful heart than a beautiful face. I’m really sorry you feel ugly but you have to realise everyone is beautiful in there own ways. Ignorant people won't look passed your face they are not worth your time. Intelligent people will see you for who you are . Your traits , , hobbies and opinions so focus on those aspects of life make sure you get good at them. 我觉得心灵美比脸蛋美更重要,你觉得自己不美对此我很难过,但是每个人可以以自己的方式来表达美。那些以貌取人的人不值得你浪费时间。聪明人会从你的特点、爱好以及见解来判断你这个人,而非外表。 Asthetically “beautiful” people are in the minority, the majority of us are NOT beautiful. If you stop & think about it, just how many beauties do you actually know? You will probably come across not many, so if you fall into this category…. Welcome aboard from most of the human race. 以审美的标准来评判相貌出众,那毕竟是少数,我们大部分人也不过相貌平平。你不必纠结此事,话说你又认识多少美女呢?你应该只是芸芸众生中的一个,欢迎来到普通人的世界。 You do not deserve to be treated this way. It makes me want to cry. It is horrifying to hear that she could say that to you - and tell you that about your dad. I’m sure it is not true. She sounds extremely abusive. If you could talk to a counselor at school and tell them everything, that would be a good idea. 你不应该受到这种对待,这让我抓狂,你妈妈会这样说你真是让人心寒,关于你爸的那段也是,我肯定你妈妈说的不是事实。她的这种行为是妥妥的言语虐待,如果你把这些告诉学校的老师,这也不失为一个好主意。 Your mom is a big part of your life, but it is NOT your life. You are whatever you are and I am sure lots of people find you beautiful. Your mom needs therapy. Lots of therapy, because probably she believes you are the reason your dad left both of you (VERY doubtful). You can’t fix everything in the world, but move on. Find friends and family who love you, study, get a career, and get away from your poisonous mom. 你妈妈占据你生命中的一大部分,但不是全部。你是你自己,我肯定有不少人觉得你是漂亮的。你的母亲需要心理治疗,而且是下猛料的那种,她居然认为你父亲离开你们娘俩是因为你。(脑子有病)。你不可能弥合所有关系,但是你的生活还是不断向前的。身边总有其他爱你的亲朋好友,努力学习,找份工作,离开你恶毒的母亲。 99 % of the people are grumpy,sad, moody or experience even depressing thoughts on a permanent level. Why ?Because they have two self-destructive thoughts which circulate in infinte patterns :I am too … (fat, stupid, ugly …)I have to …Don’t mind other people’s business.If People telling bad stuff about me the only thing i do is giving them a tissue …What devastating life would it be spending your whole life trying to please everybody. It’s your Life. 世界上百分之99的人都暴躁,沮丧,性情多变,甚至想要自杀。为什么呢?这种自暴自弃的想法多源于:我太胖了、笨了、太丑,所以我想。。。别人说啥关你毛事。如果别人给我诉苦,我只会给别人递上纸巾,凭什么你要用自己的时间生命去迎合别人,这样的人生太操蛋了。你的人生要自己主宰。 As you get older you will understand that it does not take a beautiful face to be very attractive and appealing. That comes from self-confidence, the understanding that you are someone unique 等你大一点的时候你就会明白,让人着迷的不会是一张漂亮的脸蛋儿。而是你的自信满满,无可替代。 Ok firstly half your looks come from her.Secondly my speculation is that she's unhappy with her life and blaming you instead of herself.Thirdly, if she can't do her job as a mother, why do you believe she's capable of correctly judging looks? Fourthly, I absolutely promise that being beautiful wouldn't make you long-term happy. 首先你的长相一半是遗传你的母亲,第二我认为她把自己命运的不顺发泄在你的头上。再次,如果她连自己母亲的职责都做不好,那她凭什么对你的长相做出正确的判断。第四,我保证长得好看也不代表你就能一直快乐. (责任编辑:)
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